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Kneeling left to right are: Troy Thibodeaux, Casey LaFargue, Tim McKnight and John Coffman. Standing left to right: Lance Melendy, Ryan Mareno, Bobby Jordan, Kara Adams, Kyle Miers and Ron Johnson.

Tim McKnight is a Reserve who works for Acadian Ambulance and Bobby Jordan is also a Reserve who works for DeQuincy PD. All the rest are full time at CPSO.


Marine Enforcement Unit

Our #1 goal is public safety on the waterways of Calcasieu Parish.

 The deputies in the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Marine Division are dedicated to providing the highest standard of law enforcement services to the citizens of Calcasieu Parish, along with visitors, on our waterways.

To maximize deployment and achieve greater flexibility in personnel, marine deputies utilize a number of diverse vessels and vehicles for marine enforcement patrols. The communications division receives a vast number of calls each year ranging in nature from marine regulations questions, requests for help, boating accidents, missing vessels and lost persons, as well as, stolen and suspicious vessels. Marine deputies are tasked with patrolling our waterways providing search and rescue operations, enforcing boating safety laws, responding to emergency calls, investigating boat thefts, assisting with boating and watercraft accidents, investigating criminal activity and providing counter-terrorism patrols to our industrial installations, power plants and other high volume maritime assets.

The newest addition to our fleet is a state of the art 38 foot Catamaran boat obtained through federal grant monies with a local 25% match. This new vessel will greatly enhance our ability to enforce local, state, and federal laws. This vessel will improve the marine division's ability to work in extreme and harsh environments including inclement weather year round. This vessel's design enables deputies to safely board another boat or ship while both watercrafts are under power. This at times is necessary for security checks during multi-agency investigative operations. Monitoring our port and critical infrastructure is necessary in securing our homeland security. The new vessel is designed for trailer operations allowing for rapid response and short notice movement.

  • Patrols more than 325 square miles of waterways in Calcasieu Parish, and assists with patrolling more that 650 square miles with our neighbors to the south, Cameron Parish.
  • We have assisted with drowning and boating accidents from the Mississippi to the Sabine River.
  • The marine unit currently has 5 full time, 1 part time and 5 reserve boat captains.
  • Most fatalities are related to boating accidents, with some related to swimming with strong currents, and unattended children.

Float Plan: [Download PDF Document]
Complete this form before boating and leave it with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Sheriff Department or Coast Guard or other rescue organization in case you do not return as scheduled.  Do not try to file this form with the Coast Guard, they do not accept float plans.  A word of caution: In case you are delayed, and it is not an emergency, inform those with your float plan, the police and/or Coast Guard of your delay in order to avoid an unnecessary search